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21st February 2014

What is subitizing? 

29 Subitizing is the ability to be...

27th June 2012

Hot on the heels of the review about Talk About...How we feel in May’s 2012 Special magazine based in the United Kingdom; we have been lucky enough to get another product review in the July 2012 copy! Check out what they say about the ‘Tune Into...’ listening games!

The ‘Tune Into...’ series of packs offers an exciting approach to the listening aspects of Phase One of the Letters and Sounds phonics programme, using photographic images and sound effects to interest children and...

20th June 2012


Special is nasen’s leading special and additional needs magazine based in the United Kingdom, and in the May 2012 copy, the following review was published about our very own Talk About... How we feel Flash Cards!

This pack is designed to help children develop an ability to recognise and name feelings and explore and develop the language of emotions. The set includes clear photo-cards, activity cards and a CD-ROM offering a variety of suggestions on using the images....

17th May 2012

Welcome to the new Yellow Door website and blog. Over the next few weeks we will be blogging about our products and giving you some ideas about how to get the best out of them.  We would like to encourage you to interact with our blog by commenting and giving us feedback. We will shortly be launching a Facebook page for our US customers so please get involved. You can also sign up to our e-newsletter for...