New review about our ‘Tune into...’ listening games in July’s Special magazine.
27th June 2012

Hot on the heels of the review about Talk About...How we feel in May’s 2012 Special magazine based in the United Kingdom; we have been lucky enough to get another product review in the July 2012 copy! Check out what they say about the ‘Tune Into...’ listening games!

The ‘Tune Into...’ series of packs offers an exciting approach to the listening aspects of Phase One of the Letters and Sounds phonics programme, using photographic images and sound effects to interest children and capture their attention. It enables practitioners to develop listening and language skills through interesting and exciting games. 


Each pack includes 30 cards, an audio CD and a booklet of teacher’s notes. The cards are 12cm square, with attractive and clear photographic images and 
are split into two sets of 1 covering different areas within the topic. The audio CD offers real sound effects, beginning with 30 single sounds as individual tracks followed by six sound sequence listening games. Each game has three different levels. The teacher’s notes provide suggestions on how to use the pack. 

The games are suitable for children aged three to seven and can be played with individuals or small groups. The packs have been designed to be used in a variety of ways, enabling practitioners o develop and assess the children’s essential listening skills through enjoyable games. 

The packs are bright and well designed. The photo cards, audio CD and booklets are stored in clear pockets within a plastic cover, which allows them to stand on a bookcase. The photo cards are numbered 1-30 to correspond to the CD racks. They are labelled with a picture relating to the two sets within each pack, enabling practitioners quickly to find the cards and the tracks required. The guide booklet is clearly laid out with suggestions for games.

I used the packs with a class of nursery-aged children who all have English as an additional language. We began in small groups, discussing the photo cards and what the sounds might be like. The cards were then laid out and the children listened to a soundtrack on the CD. They then had to match the correct photo card to the sound heard. All the children sat listening with anticipation and great concentration, wanting to be the first to identify the sounds and the card. It proved to be a very popular activity.

The children loved the ‘Tune into...’ series. I can recommend it as an excellent resource for developing listening and language skills and an ideal way to support Phase One of Letters and Sounds.

- Reviewed by Sally Sheldon, early year’s teacher, UK

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